aka Christina Graceffa💙

  • I live in Pewdiepie Town
  • My occupation is WATCHING YOUTUBE.
  • I am Female
  • TheLastOfYoutube


    June 26, 2013 by TheLastOfYoutube

    Hey. If you may have noticed, a girl named Darksky13 has left for a while.

    Well im that girl ^_^

    If you want to know what happened, then go ahead and read. If you're not mad at me or whatever :| Well my dad started to drive me crazy and threatened to divorce my mom and even tried to kill my big brother. But we couldn't let him leave because he paid for all the bills and stuff so we had to keep living like this. He treated me horribly and yelled at me every single day, making me cry everyday and I started getting depressed. Because my mom started crying everyday too and when she cries its NOT good. She had a nervous breakdown. My brother got kicked out of the house. At the time i also lost a close friend because my dad was rude to her too, s…

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