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    March 24, 2013 by SteveArrow

    Hi people i m back actually                          

    that dere is a picture of my character and for those of u who dont know me, y

    es im siras deal with it

    but i wont kill u... unless u try to fight me :)

    and yes i have a red name there so i killed lanoses


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    Hey ppl- Steve

    February 9, 2013 by SteveArrow

    i was thinking about rejoining the game- but i decided against it since

    1. 1. i have like nothing
    1. 2. i deleted twom
    1. 3. people here would think i was some sort of lame lier- hypocrite something

    well anyway, i play Call of Mini: Zombies now. it's on apple devices and cost one buck so if u wanna try it, its like call of duty except the people are all papercraft biggish-headed people and yes, its bloody but not realistic

    if any of u are gonna try it, my name in multiplayer is Spartan

    so just saying

    p.s. if u have the money ($1 is alot when ur a hobo xD)

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  • SteveArrow

    What is a Steve?

    November 19, 2012 by SteveArrow
    1. A Steve is a person who doesn't get enough time to play video games.
    2. A Steve is a person who procrastinates too much.
    3. A Steve is a person who probably would be a straight A student, if he tried that is, and that's not happening.
    4. A Steve is a person who gets along with kids very well, in real life.
    5. A Steve is a person who gets along very unwell with adults.
    6. A Steve is a person who always gets the meanest science teachers.
    7. A Steve is a person who wakes up in the morning bright and happy, and goes to sleep half the time ticked off.
    8. A Steve is a person who is usually forgiving, unless you hate him a lot.
    9. A Steve is a person who hates essays.
    10. A Steve is a person who wears a jacket everywhere.
    11. A Steve is a person who never ever wears jeans.
    12. A Steve is a pe…
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    Blog post

    September 30, 2012 by SteveArrow

    I'm not gonna be coming on twom or wiki this much from now on... ._. I guess twom is kinda boring now since everyone ik is like leveling super fast like DarkWind and Kasupachew and some Sammy guy idk but he trains really fast and i hate training yea and its boring. I'm not quitting so people who care don't be sad or something cuz ill still come here couple times a week but I'm not gonna come daily cuz I guess real life is more important or whatever and since school is started I have IRL friends and everything... So I'm not just alone IRL for like that 2 months in a stupid apartment all alone with my little brother who is more annoying than Linkzs... So yea don't think I'm dead or in a coma or something (even though Linkzs probably hopes so…

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