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  • Hitomi10

    The reason for 'Spring' is that I live in New York, what's spring? My birthday is in a month, I'll be 12, yeah I'm just super young, aren't I? I kind of wish that Snow or sis, or Jay, or Blast even - someone from the old days, would talk or show up somewhere.

    I'm going to be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society this Friday, how fantastic. I've never seemed to care and yet my grades are still above average - the Asian in me? XD Honor Society seems to be such a big deal for the teachers, but none of us students take it seriously, heh, oops.

    My life has been boring, haven't seen depression in a while, phew. Everything has been average, I'd say. I still have little to no friends and am not taken seriously by others nor adults, but hey…

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  • Hitomi10

    'Ello Dere :3

    November 3, 2013 by Hitomi10

    So, um, does anyone come on anymore? I check wiki everyday and 99% of the time nobody has edited, commented, or anything.. Are you guys even alive? 

    So, uh, 6th grade is too easy, I'm sick, and we doo too many essays, projects, and other shiz.

    How's life on the healthy side? I bet it's better than on the sick side.

    I'm bored so I am just going to be random af. Eh, naw I am too lazy to even be random TT

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  • Hitomi10

    Summer is retreating.

    August 31, 2013 by Hitomi10

    It is coming to the end of summer, for us northern peoplesssss.. Others have already started school, southern peeeeepsss o.o! But, I decided to do this, to say, I will miss you all, because, i know, some of us go away from the internet world when school comes around.. I will still be here, but not everyday, because I will start doing hw and stupid stuffs.

    I am starting 6th grade, yes, I know, it won't be the worst school year of my life, but I will get more hw than I did last year, obviously. I will start having more essays to do, and less internet life. So, pretty much, I will almost only have a school life

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  • Hitomi10

    Seriously Guys?

    August 11, 2013 by Hitomi10

    I am left out of most NeoN things now.. I used to be fully included, back in the old days, but now it seems like you dont give a shit about me.

    ~I NEVER HEARD ABOUT US BEING KOSED!!! You literally never told me about Fatality kosing us! So I kept going to beach and losing fucking 100+ fame!! -.- 

    ~I am barely ever spoken to.. I think you all are forgetting me

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  • Hitomi10

    To: Blastion.

    July 26, 2013 by Hitomi10

    I have better things to do, than to argue with you. I have to sleep soon, so this may be a goodbye. But, I need to say this before your words become harsh to someone.

    You have made me stronger, even if you tried to make me weaker, it didn't turn out the way you wanted, did it? I hope you have fun in "this life" and if you believe you'll murder me in the "next life" than shall be it. If there really is a "next life" I'll try to make friends with you.. It's not like I enjoy arguing with you.. I hope you find the right place for you, and I hope you see that NeoN never really hated you, it was your hatred that we came upon, and now we are thinking negatively about you.. And, for your information, I am not the one who made you become this way, y…

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