Recently something terrible happened.

It was a normal day, I left to do my homework, but when I come back I get a pm saying that people are saying NeoN scams. I checked the member list and noticed everybody gone from NeoN.

Confused, I talked to bibble about what happened. Someone in NeoN scammed, and now we are all kos by siras pros.

We don't know if this is true for sure but everyone should be careful.

I also noticed a new member in our guild, IExotiKI. Who invited him? Everyone who is an officer already knows to tell me before they invite someone. ExotiK is rude, and Someone please tell me who invited him because if it happens again I need to demote some people.

I have decided to take a short break and come back on Saturday, hopefully everything could die down by then.

I love you all NeoN and I hope things get better when I get back.

If you need me, just email me and tell me everything that is happening. My email is

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