• I live in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
  • I was born on March 19
  • My occupation is College Student
  • I am Male
  • ChocoSword

    I found out that it is fun when it comes to farming in TWOM ^o^. I decided to open a small shop and see how the business grow :3 because I can't farm 24 hours non stop x_x rare items depend with luck. I will list out the item soon :3

    That's all :D Happy Gaming! ^______^

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  • ChocoSword

    Today I experienced another scam syndicate :3 Players involved bowking, bowqueen(not sure about the name tho), Tanqie and DixRus I believed same person. While I was using shout chat to sell my items at LH, bowking suddenly PM me and offered a good deal with his ranger Lv 39 for 4million. As I keep ignoring 'bowking' he finally said he going to sell his lv 39 ranger for 1.5million full equip. I know he is trying to scam me and thinking that I am 10 years old and greedy and to fall with the GOOD OFFER. When he asked me who is my guild leader I said Beastdude. He replied me that Beastdude is currently on his ranger lv 30. I find that it is really funny ROFL!! Because an hour ago the real Beastdude said he is going to sleep. As the conversatio…

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  • ChocoSword

    Started playing TWOM because of my gf... She's been playing this game roughly 1 year and I still remembered first char she played was FaythJayne (Mage, Lv 22) ^_^ . Unfrtunately, she quitted playing for 6 months because she find that is's getting harder to level the char and having the difficulties to find partner for leveling that is commited. However, this year she coming back to TWOM and few days later I decided to accompany her :3 Although, I am a MMORPG casual gamer like Eden Eternal, Dragonica, Dragon Nest, to sum up  games using PC ^o^ She guided me how to play TWOM >__< As I leveled up, I started to do some research about the guild in this game and I found out that NeoN really interesting ^0^/ . 

    The story begin...

    Joined NeoN on 5th…

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