I can't make comments, or replies, or edit any comments!!!

The only thing I CAN do is make a blog (as you can see -.-)

And is anyone else having this problem? This is the 2nd time it happens -.-"

Snw: nope ._. Ill chat with u like this ~x33 or if ur on wanna wiki chat. Btw can u go on TWOM?

Beast: I will be in TWOM later, i still have a few errands to do. BTW, this is only happening to me on this wikia. i can still reply in imo wikia.

Snw: kk ._. weeiirrdddoooo . The guildmaster must b active

Beast: You're the weirdo -.-" and I will be on soon. It's just that i have so many things to do but no worriez, i will be on soon. Sheesh, what's the rush? <.<

snw: wat r the errands??

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