I'm pretty sure that everyone is aware of what happened the other day. Many of our fellow members have left NeoN and migrated to a new guild, called Avalon. I don't want this to discourage any of our current members, but NeoN is now in a critical condition. No need for anyone to worry but I will assure you that our guild will recover.

To the ones who left:

I know you might be thinking that this is gonna be about begging and crying for you to come back, but it isn't.

I'm confident that all of you will return someday and go back to the good times of being a whole guild. If you decide to remain outside of NeoN, I guess there won't be much I could do to convince you to come back. But I do want you guys to think about your decision. If you guys leave permanently, then things won't be how it used to be. You might think you haven't caused any damage after leaving but you have. Everyone has been down in the dumps after you left, including myself. While all of you are away, I won't tamper with the member list. To me, you all are still NeoN. Most of you are just ticked off after the whole Linkzs "drama incident", and I know you will all return someday. As of for me, Yes, I will remain in NeoN and keep it standing until your return. Before you come back, things WILL change. I will make sure that we make stricter rules so that nothing similar will happen again. I think its about time that we go through a refresh. For now, I wish the best of luck to you all. Keep in mind, that we all miss you and won't look at you as an outsider, we are after all still guildmates. If you wish to come back, we will gladly receive you with open arms ^-^ You have our complete support ^-^

For now, I ask all officers to NOT recruit anyone until the others return.

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