Guys, one thing that I realy missed doing was going to one place as a guild. I remember one time many guildies went into the Temple of Wingfril and it was really fun. We could all either go to Temple of Wingfril or the Pirate Ship. It would be a good way to have fun as a guild. So how about it guys, are you in or out?

Here are some pictures of our previous adventure, which was a loooong time ago:

We are going to need members from each class to participate, especially mages. Without a mage, members could die and it wou ld be hard for them to travel back to the group. I'm still not sure when we will do this but we are going to need a good amount of people and some of our higher leveled members to join. 

Here are our choices for our adventure:

Choose a place for all of us to explore

The poll was created at 00:42 on June 12, 2013, and so far 4 people voted.

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