Hey everyone on friday ill be heading home or the day before that, its a 16 hr drive back home -sigh- boring, but since im going with my anut it may take longer -.- just cuz ever 1-3hrs we have to stop n let her walk around cuz her child is still in her x3 lmfao n i have to walk the dog lol... but when i get back i cant get on to twom or the wikia since my parents turned the wifi off for summer, but lucky im getting my new phone so i should be getting on twom or the wikia to help n for some of the edits for the neon wikia ill wait till i get my school laptop to edit what needs to be fix and when i get back im not sure when ill get my new phone >-> it cool be up two weeks or less depannding on my parents or etc.. reason -sigh- but x3 when im gone good luck at training n getting new members n fixing, adding do your best on the wikia """"REMBER THE MAIN PAGE IS ALL WAS MINE SO BACK OFF""" jk x3 but -.- only the select few can edit the main page... Beastdude (Aka broski), Darksky13 (aka Hi or cover), xXsnwdropp (aka Snowy or prncess snow) and maybe Hitomi10 (aka Imouto). BTW i will be back n if you have to make room kick me out of the clan if you would like x3 ill just earn my sit back okay and before i go if imouto wants she can get on my account ill give you the account information later on if you read this BLOG sis -.- well theres more i should say as n when i do get internet back or my phone to play twom i may not be on as much just cause im back home an i have alot more things to do sadly... when school starts ill either be out side, studying, drawing, filming or on twom or wikia on the weekends, on the weekdays ill be on when im heading home n then proably another hour x3 when i get home okay :P theres more to say but for now ill leave it at that...

PS: Please dont forget me ^^ and if you can look for a video on youtube that was on server TUTRLEZ siras where im dying over x3 20 times perfect troll video lol bye n home this next or next 2 days will be good on me wish me luck n best of luck kiddos, brahs, friend or what ever else :P


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