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  • I was born on February 14
  • I am a Male.
  • Aropruett

    Hey everyone from neon! :D It's me Toto again lol ^-^ I wanted to let you all know something... so I will be going into the navy and will be leaving at the end of dec, but theres a slim chance ill leave earlier like in nov. XD Honestly i can't wait and ive been running a lot getting read and more hehe... I want to try fo the seals XD so badly!

    so when I leave I'll be gone for 2 months for boot camp

    -wont get to talk to the outside world when im in bootcamp Dx 

    After boot camp I'll be in the navy for 4 years ^-^ dont worry Its still a normal life but being in the navy (you can think the navy as a job xD) so after I leave I'll still be listed in for another 4 years 

    but After the navy ill be going to collage and enjoying my self, visting a lot o…

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  • Aropruett

    Toto was on 10/4/13

    October 5, 2013 by Aropruett

    Hey everyone, as some of you know I was on twom tonight... 

    The picture below is me playing off my laptop, I found a way lol but its a pain to play it on So broski Im sorry for not saying on much it was hard to click the letters ._. and i have to move the mouse over each letter xD lol gonna see if i can reporgram this to make it work with my keypad and hitomi :3 hi!! and Thanks alot xjellox ^-^ 

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  • Aropruett

    Hey everyone from neon (new or old) its been sometime since ive talked to any of you x.x sorry been super busy latly!!!! had prom last mouth, and had alot of art stuff to do and etc, this mouth modeled, got my AP art work done, got my grades to the top XD so now dont gotta take any exams ;D lucky me!! x.x next week is when i grad... so i wont be a senoir anymore ;D going to the navy (seals) and x.x hoping to go to a collage called TWU!!! oh yea theres just has been alot thats been going on anyways xD good to see or hope to chat to you all soon!!!

    TouhouKing - out XD 

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  • Aropruett

    Hey everyone it's been sometime since I've talked to anyone from the world of magic... But wondering what you all are up to lately and stuff and me not much just getting ready for prom and been super busy with school work isn't that much fun but yep! Peace Oh I'll upload a new pic of me later kk xP

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  • Aropruett

    Just checking in

    February 3, 2013 by Aropruett

    Sorry broski, for not coming on at least everyday ^^ but here i am checking in once again xP hows things and whats everyone up to?

    ME: not much, just the boring old me x3

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